Niko Atsaidis

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  • Video Production
  • Video Editing
The challenge

The client was away from social media for a month and needed a video that would highlight the restaurant's unique features and promote the launch event in a creative way. The video had to be engaging and stand out on social media platforms.

The Solution

Our team conducted a brainstorming session to identify the key features of the new Greek restaurant that could be highlighted in the video. We created a storyboard that outlined the video's structure, the key shots, and the message that needed to be conveyed. We used professional video equipment to shoot footage of the restaurant and the launch event, capturing the food, drinks, people dancing, and the overall ambiance of the event. We edited the video footage and added relevant text, music, and sound effects to create a dynamic and engaging final video. We promoted the video on various social media platforms, with a focus on TikTok, to reach a wider audience.

The results

The video was well-received, generating over 100K views on TikTok and bringing many people to the restaurant and the launch event. The video successfully showcased the restaurant's unique features, such as the Greek-inspired decor, and the friendly staff, while promoting the launch event in a creative and engaging way. The video helped to generate interest in the new Greek restaurant and the launch event, leading to increased foot traffic and sales during the event.


The banger video was an effective marketing tool for the client, as it helped promote the grand opening of his new Greek restaurant and the launch event while showcasing that he is back on social media. The video was successful in engaging the audience and generating interest, leading to increased foot traffic and sales. Our team was able to deliver a creative and professional video that met the client's expectations and helped him achieve his business goals.