Rosi Abitbol

We helped Dr Rosi, an entrepreneur, increase sales and build a loyal customer base for Comprehensive Marketing Program.

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  • Promotional Video
  • Ebook
  • Marketing Launch Plan
The challenge

Build a loyal customer base for Comprehensive Marketing Program

The Solution

A comprehensive marketing program was created for Rosi, which included the following elements:

1. Promotional Video: A high-quality promotional video was produced to showcase Rosi's product and explain its benefits to potential customers.
2. Ebook: An ebook was created to provide in-depth information about Rosi's product and how it can solve the problems of her target audience.
3. Marketing Launch Plan: A comprehensive marketing launch plan was developed to effectively promote Rosi's product and increase its visibility to potential customers.

The results

The marketing program was a huge success, with Rosi achieving the following results:

1. 50+ Sales: The program resulted in over 50 sales
2. Private Facebook Community: Rosi was able to build a private Facebook community of approximately 40 people, creating a loyal customer base.
3. Two 1:1 Clients Bought the Ebook: Two of Rosi's 1:1 clients ended up buying the ebook, demonstrating the effectiveness of the marketing program.


The comprehensive marketing program created for Rosi was a resounding success, resulting in significant increases in sales and the development of a loyal customer base. The promotional video, ebook, and marketing launch plan worked together to effectively promote Rosi's product and attract potential customers.