Video Sales Letter

A video sales letter (VSL) is a marketing tool that utilizes a video to promote a product or service. It’s an effective way to engage potential customers and persuade them to make a purchase.

A well-crafted VSL can significantly boost conversion rates and help you achieve your business goals.

  • Increased conversions: VSLs have been shown to have a higher conversion rate than traditional sales letters, making them a powerful marketing tool.
  • Enhanced engagement: With a video, you can engage your audience more effectively, keeping them interested in your message and product.
  • Increased trust: By incorporating testimonials, social proof, and other forms of credibility, VSLs can help build trust with your audience.
  • Flexibility: VSLs can be used in various settings, including landing pages, email campaigns, social media, and webinars.
how does it work

1. Consultation

We’ll discuss your product or service, target audience, and marketing goals to develop a video sales letter strategy that fits your needs.

2. Scriptwriting

Our team of copywriters will craft a compelling script that highlights your product or service’s unique selling points and benefits.

3. Video production

We’ll create a high-quality video that incorporates engaging visuals, music, and voice-over.

4. Optimization

We’ll optimize the VSL for your specific platform and audience to ensure maximum engagement and conversions.

What people usually ask us

The ideal length for a VSL is around 3-5 minutes, but it ultimately depends on your product or service and your target audience.
Yes! VSLs are versatile and can be used to promote any type of product or service.
If you are in the Montreal Area, our team will handle all aspects of the VSL production, from scripting to post-production. If you are outside Montreal you will need to provide us the footage.
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